The finest Muhammad Ali collectibles have been authenticated by Steve Jackson

Muhammad Ali Shoes
Muhammad Ali's Adidas shoes - from the
third Ali/Ken Norton fight, September 28, 1976
Training Gloves
Spartan training gloves used by
Ali in Miami Beach and Atlanta
for his comeback fight against
Jerry Quarry, 1970

Muhammad Ali's shoes -
from the first Ali/Frazier
fight, March 8, 1971
Muhammad Ali Thrilla in Manila Robe
Muhammad Ali's Everlast robe from the
Thrilla in Manila, October 1, 1975
Muhammad Ali Butterfly Bee Trunks
Muhammad Ali's Butterfly and
Bee logo boxing trunks used by
Ali in training
Muhammad ali WBC Belt
Muhammad Ali's WBC Belt presented
to Ali by WBC President, Jose Sulaiman

Vintage Sonny Liston signatures.

Muhammad Ali's Everlast Trunks -
from the second Ali/Patterson fight,
September 20, 1972

Numerous Muhammad Ali fight worn gloves.
Muhammad Ali's McGregor Trunks -
from the Trevor Berbick Fight,
December 11, 1981

Muhammad Ali's Everlast Shoes -
from the third Joe Frazier Fight,
October 1, 1975

Cassius Clay's Amateur Shoes used in amateur fights and training shoes in the late 1950s before he became a professional fighter.
Muhammad Ali Trunks
Muhammad Ali's Everlast Trunks -
from the Jimmy Ellis fight, July 26, 1971
Muhammad Ali's Shoes
Muhammad Ali's Mitre Trunks and Shoes
from the second Leon Spinks fight,
September 15, 1978
The Ring Magazine
Muhammad Ali's Everlast Trunks -
from the first Ali/Frazier fight
Everlast Training Gloves
Everlast gloves used by Ali in training for
his fight against George Foreman.
Ali and Steve
Muhammad Ali fight contracts.
Muhammad Ali's Spartan Trunks -
from the Oscar Bonavena fight,
December 7, 1970
Everlast Training Robe
Everlast terrycloth robe used
by Ali in Kinshasha, Zaire in
training fro his fight against
George Foreman

Muhammad Ali's Williams Furniture Trunks -
from the Bob Foster fight, November 21, 1972

Muhammad Ali/Sonny Liston - on-site ticket with
Cassius Clay autograph, February 25, 1964

Muhammad Ali’s jump rope used in training
at his Deep Lake Training Camp.

Drew Bundini Brown's Cornerman's Jacket
Muhammad Ali's Adidas Shoes – from the Larry Holmes Fight, October 2, 1980