Authentication fee for one Muhammad Ali autograph that is mailed to our office is $75.00 ($50.00 for dealers). The fee for a Cassius Clay autograph(vintage) is $125.00 ($100.00 for dealers). In exchange a Letter Of Authenticity (or non-authenticity) will be provided.

Muhammad Ali - $75.00
Cassius Clay (vintage) - $125.00
Cassius Clay - $75.00
Lonnie Ali’s “Muhammad Ali” - $35.00
Khalilah “Belinda” Ali’s “Muhammad Ali” - $35.00
Veronica Porche’s “Muhammad Ali” - $35.00

SJA can also authenticate and prepare appraisals for the following:

Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali opponents' autographs

Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali family/relatives' autographs

Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali "entourage" autographs

Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali professional affiliates' autographs

If you have an item with multiple signatures, we will provide an authentication fee upon request.

Bulk pricing is available - price on request


"Quick View"

Quick View authentication is available for $25.00 per autograph (ie: eBay, internet, email attachment, websites).

If you are thinking about purchasing your Ali memorabilia from an auction house, or on eBay, from an internet or website, or from a photo on an
email attachment, we strongly recommend that you utilize SJA's "Quick View" authentication service.
Steve Jackson will examine the item you are considering before you begin the bidding or purchasing process, and provide a verbal evaluation (by phone). Please allow 24 hours for the "QuickView" process to be completed. There is
a $25.00 fee per autograph, and it must be paid with a credit card. If it's determined by the Quick View process that your item is authentic, and you choose to purchase a Letter of Authenticity, the $25.00 Quick View fee will be waived.

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AUTHENTICATION/APPRAISAL FEES for equipment - fight worn and training equipment, tickets, programs, and posters prices are as follows:

Retail price of item under $1,000 would be $100
$ 1,001 to $10,000 would be $2,000
$10,001 to $20,000 would be $3,000
$20,001 to $30,000 would be $4,000
$30,001 to $40,000 would be $5,000
$40,001 to $50,000 - price on request

Authentication at private location - price on request.

Appraisal letter for insurance company $50.00 per item. If SJA determines that your autograph(s) is autographed authentic, an Appraisal Letter will be provided in exchange for payment of the appropriate fee.

SJA will provide replacement Appraisal Letters for missing/lost certificates and/or letters at a cost of $25.00 each.

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Consultation Fees

Telephone Consultation Fees:

The fee for a Telephone Consultation is $25.00 per 15 minute interval.

Telephone Consultation fees are as follows:

1-15 minutes : $25.00
16-30 minutes : $50.00
31-45 minutes : $75.00
46-60 minutes : $100.00

The fee for a Telephone Consultation is paid in advance via American Express, Visa or Master Card.

Face-to-Face Consultation Fees:

The fee for a Face-to-Face One-Hour Consultation is $100.00. ($100.00 per hour - 1 hour minimum).

The fee for a Face-to-Face Consultation is paid at the door.

Consultation Facility (location) for Face-to-Face Consultations:

The meeting facility, lodging, and transportation are paid for by the client.

Refunds must be requested 24 hours prior to the appointment. There is a $25.00 service fee for processing a refund.

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1. Call us to discuss the item, its value, insurance, shipping and return shipping procedures and cost.

2. Pack your item in a box that is large enough to avoid any damage; use bubble wrap and safety peanuts to protect it during shipping.

3. Most items must be removed from display cases and/or frames to be authenticated (call to discuss).

4. Send your package to:

Steve Jackson Authentications
6 Passaic Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Attn: Steve Jackson, Pres.

PLEASE NOTE! Your package must be sent with a Return Receipt Request (signature required upon delivery).

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Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali opponent’s autograph’s

Tunney Hunsaker $25.00Ernie Terrell$25.00
Herb Siler $45.00ZoraFolley$50.00
Tony Esperti $45.00Jerry Quarry$45.00
Jim Robinson $100.00 OscarBonavena$45.00
Donnie Fleeman$45.00 Joe Frazier$25.00
Lamar Clark$35.00 Jimmy Ellis $25.00
Duke Sabedong$45.00 Buster Mathis $35.00
Alonzo Johnson$35.00 Jurgen Blin $45.00
Alex Miteff$35.00 Mac Foster $45.00
Willi Besmanoff$45.00 Al (Blue) Lewis $45.00
Sonny Banks $45.00 Bob Foster $25.00
Don Warner $45.00 Joe Bugner $35.00
George Logan $45.00 Ken Norton $25.00
Billy Daniels $45.00 Rudi Lubbers $35.00
Alejandro Lavorante $50.00 George Foreman $35.00
Archie Moore $25.00 Chuck Wepner $25.00
Charlie Powell $35.00 Ron Lyle $25.00
Doug Jones $25.00 Jean-Pierre Coopman $45.00
Henry Cooper $25.00 Jimmy Young $25.00
Sonny Liston $75.00 Richard Dunn $35.00
Geraldine Liston’s “Sonny Liston” $75.00 Antonio Inoki $50.00
Floyd Patterson $25.00 Alfredo Evangelista $45.00
George Chuvalo $25.00 Earnie Shavers $35.00
Brian London $25.00 Leon Spinks $35.00
Karl Mildenberger $35.00 Larry Holmes $35.00
Cleveland Williams $35.00 Trevor Berbick $35.00

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Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali family/relatives' autographs

Lonnie Ali$35.00Khalilah "Belinda" Ali$35.00
Veronica Porche$35.00Maryum "Maymay" Ali$35.00
Rasheeda Ali$35.00Jamilla Ali$35.00
Hana Ali$35.00Laila Ali$35.00
Khaliah Ali$35.00Miya Ali$35.00
Muhammad Ali, Jr.$35.00Cassius Clay, Sr.$35.00
Rudolph Clay/Rahman Ali$35.00
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Cassius Clay/ Muhammad Ali entourage autographs

Howard Bingham$35.00Drew Bundini Brown$35.00
Ferdie Pacheco$35.00Wali Muhammad$35.00
Angelo Dundee$35.00 Pat Patterson   $35.00
Gene Kilroy    $35.00 Lloyd Wells   $35.00

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Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali professional affiliates autographs

Elijah Muhammad$75.00Herbert Muhammad$35.00
Howard Cosell$35.00Don King$35.00
LeRoy Neiman$35.00 Arthur Mercante$35.00
Neil Leifer$35.00Bob Arum$35.00
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